Must see tips before you arrive Japan, together with my other uploads about country scenes. Metro Tokyo is too huge to reveal everthing in a sigle clip, but an atempt was made to show you as broader aspects of mega city as possible. Places you are witnessing here include numerous locations : Tokyo Station, Imperial Palace, Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Daiba, Roppongi, Mousolium of Last Shogun, Cemetary of 47 Loyal Samurais at Sengakuji Temple, Tokyo University, Mt.Takao, Mousolium of Last Emperor Hirohito, Sanya (poverty), Den’enchofu (wealthy), Koishikawa Garden, Kodokan Judo Hall, Akihabara,Ueno, Kokugikan Sumo Stadium at Ryogoku, Tsukiji Fish Market, Togoshi Ginza, Meiji Shrine, Korean Town, Tsukishima, Wseda University, Happoen, Unknown Soldiers Cemetery at Chidorigafuchi, some night life and pleasure quarters, and so on.